8 Gardening Hacks that Really Work!

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Growing your healthy organic food can be easier with some tips that will conserve space and make your life easier.  Spending time working around your garden is also a healthy way to soak up some Vitamin D and to reap the benefits of Earthing; all with the outcome of healthy food – what a beautiful combination!  Thanks to Mercola.com for gathering these DIY gardening hacks.

  1. Coffee filters for transplanting: If you know you’ll be transplanting your plant, place a coffee filter into the first pot before you plant it. This will keep the soil together when it’s time to transplant.
  2. Reuse glass bottles for self-watering: Fill empty glass wine or olive oil bottles with water, then place them upside down into terra cotta irrigation spikes that are placed in your containers. The water will leak through the terra cotta and keep your plant watered for days.
  3. Tiny plastic containers make good seed storage: While I don’t recommend eating Tic Tacs, if you have these or similar-sized plastic or metal containers, they make great storage for partially used seed packets. Be sure to label each one so you’ll remember what’s inside — and rinse it before adding the seeds.
  4. Grow melons on a trellis using pantyhose: If you’re tight on space, growing melons on a trellis is a perfect solution that also prevents some plant diseases. Because the melons are heavy, make “slings” out of pantyhose to support the melons as they grow larger (otherwise they’ll break off the vine prematurely).
  5. Green tea fertilizer: A green tea bag steeped in 1 quart of water is all you need to create a simple fertilizer that can be applied once every four weeks (let it cool off first). You can also make compost tea.
  6. Beer moats keep pests away: Pour a small amount of beer into a cup and place the foot of your plant stand into the bowl. Caterpillars, snails and other pests will be attracted to the yeast, falling into the moat before reaching your plant.
  7. Grow succulents in a shower caddy: Line the shower caddy (the kind you can hang from a showerhead) with felt or hanging basket liners, then plant a variety of succulents for an instant garden you can hang from a fence or other vertical surface.
  8. Instant compost in your blender: I highly recommend composting, but if you’re in a pinch you can toss some leftover produce peels, apple cores and coffee grounds into your blender, puree the mix, then use it to feed your plants.

Dive in and grow your own veggies, you will be amazed at the flavor and stress relief!

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