About Us

Rainbow: Building A Simple Life

Want to experience the joys of a simpler life for a healthier body, mind and spirit? Learn, be inspired, and get guidance on building a simplified, natural, eco-friendly way of life.

Our mission is to make it easier for you to live a simple, natural lifestyle in this busy, complex world.  We deliver the most current and beneficial information, tips and tricks to natural, simple, eco-friendly living.

Our focus is on 4 main areas:

  • Simple Garden: how to grow your own organic food, and how to use what the earth provides naturally.
  • Simple Kitchen: how to transform the organic food you grow, simply, easily.
  • Simple Home: how to maintain a green home, and build fun and useful things around the house (DIY).
  • Simple Health for You & Family: how to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health naturally.