Guava – Fruits, well actually Berries

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Guava likes to grow in warm climates and taste similar to both a pear and a strawberry, yummy!  Guava can be pale greed, pink or white, and a round or oval fruits – they are filled with vitamins A, B and lots of C, also potassium, folate, antioxidants and flavonoids for our many health benefits.  Thanks to for their research on the many benefits of guava, numbered resources are in the original article.

Guavas are used in desserts and smoothies, as well as sauces and savory dishes, but what’s added determines how good they are for you. Prepared so they’re both tasty and healthy, they may impart dramatic improvement in a number of diseases and disorders. And like so many other foods, eating them fresh brings about the most extraordinary benefits. Additionally, unlike other exotic fruits, guavas are seldom sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals.(1) Just keep in mind that limiting your fruit intake to keep your total daily fructose consumption below 25 grams (or 15 grams if you have signs of insulin resistance) is recommended for optimal health.

Nutrients in Guavas Improve Immunity – Guavas contain several nutrients your body can’t do without. In every 1-cup serving you get 21 percent of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin A and 20 percent each of potassium (about the same amount as a banana) and folate. While that’s impressive, it’s the vitamin C that outstrips the others to a staggering degree: Each serving imparts 628 percent of this bacteria-buster, so it’s no surprise that it fights disease so powerfully. Guavas are even recommended for dengue fever.(2)

The same serving size nets 20 percent of the RDA of folate, which is good for brain health and crucial for helping to ensure a healthy nervous system for unborn babies. Those nutritive benefits translate to the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases through improved immune function.(3) Traditional uses for guava over centuries included alleviating pain from toothaches and canker sores(4) and to help wounds heal when the juice is applied topically. Guavas were said to treat epilepsy and convulsions by making them less frequent.

The astringents in guavas, particularly the fruits that are not quite ripe, can treat acne and smooth the texture of your skin. This benefit comes through both eating them and rinsing your skin with an emulsion of the pulp, juice and leaves, which serves to tighten, tone and detoxify.(5) In fact, studies show guavas work even better for this purpose than the leading lotions, creams and potions. Guavas can also help prevent wrinkles and slow other signs of aging, while removing dead skin cells and brightening your complexion.(6)

Fiber: 1 of the Most Important Guava Ingredients – Nutrition Data(7) notes that the fiber contained in guavas is 36 percent of the RDA, which means it’s more adept at moving waste through your colon than most other foods. This is important for staving off bowel trouble, such as constipation and even colon cancer.

Guavas have been useful as a folk medicine to treat both diarrhea and dysentery. Astringents contained in raw guavas, as well as their leaves, make your gums feel “tighter” and your mouth fresher. This same effect takes place in your bowels due to alkaline content, which is both anti-bacterial and disinfectant. Dysentery, which involves microbial growth, is inhibited while excess mucus is eradicated from your intestines. The vitamin C in guavas, as well as potassium and carotenoids, support the digestive system and may be useful for improving hemorrhoids and symptoms of gastroenteritis.

At the same time, constipation can also take a back seat when you eat guavas, in part because of laxatives in the seeds, whether they’re chewed or eaten whole. The seeds are responsible for some of the most advantageous health benefits. Both the seeds and skin contain carotenoids, glycosides and other phenolic and flavonoid elements. You may have heard that “death starts in the colon.” That’s because constipation is linked to more than 70 different ailments, so getting rid of waste quickly is critical. Fiber also helps your body retain water, improving bowel movements by helping to flush everything through.

Fiber in Guavas can affect your blood pressure, hearth health, lower blood sugar, help fight thyroid issues, help eyesight, brain health and more – read the original article for further info. As a cancer prevention it is excellent as well – but when you are in treatment for cancer I have been taught to stay away from all sweet veggies and fruits – as cancer feeds on any and all sugars.

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