How and Why Natural Medicine was Replaced by Toxic Drugs

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[Video] Preventative nutrition and Natural remedies were our medicine up until the early 1900’s – what changed?  Here is a prime example of how the influence of a very few, or even one person, can bring forth change… this time, unfortunately, we aren’t talking about a good change.  Have you ever heard of Rockefeller?  While his desire to make his fortune in the oil industry has brought some positive results within the industrialization of our nation, I believe that in the long run we are not actually better off… Are you aware of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research?  We will also look into how this Institute has been affecting the way we take care of our health.  Dr. Mercola shares a wealth of information with us; numbered resources can be viewed in the linked articles below.

The shift from using natural remedies to using toxic drugs did not occur by chance. It was carefully orchestrated from the start, and the drug industry still, to this day, dismisses inexpensive, safe, and effective remedies in order to protect their own business. As detailed in my article, “How the Oil Industry Conquered Medicine, Finance and Agriculture,” the transformation of the practice of medicine went into full force in 1901, with the establishment of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. Up until that point, naturopathic-based herbal medicine had been the norm, and Rockefeller — an oil king pin — set out to shift the medical industry toward using oil-derived pharmaceuticals instead. The institute was headed up by Simon Flexner, whose brother, Abraham, was contracted by the Carnegie Foundation to author a report on the current state of medical education. His report (The Flexner Report)(2) resulted in a radical overhaul of the medical education system. Any remedy that could not be patented was vigorously dismissed as quackery, and the sole focus of medicine shifted to the use of synthetic drugs and surgery, which quickly resulted in a massive “medical economy.”  In short, medicine became an exceptionally profitable business, and has only gotten more so over the past 100 years as people forgot or neglected what their grandparents or great grandparents knew about the prevention and treatment of disease, which was founded on the premise that food is medicine.

The average American, aged 19 to 64, now takes close to 13 prescription drugs.(3) Not even children are spared from excessive drugging, and seniors are taking a downright frightening number of medications. The average annual prescription rate for children up to the age of 18 is now over 4 prescriptions per capita, and the average senior over the age of 65 is on 28 drugs!

Even if you eat organic whole food, you may still get insufficient amounts of certain nutrients, for the fact that most of our soils are frequently depleted of micronutrients. As a result of industrial agricultural practices, foods simply are not as nutrient-dense as they used to be. For example, in order to receive the same amount of iron you used to get from one apple in 1950, by 1998 you had to eat 26 apples. So a case can certainly be made for the usefulness of vitamin supplementation — within reason.

Let’s dig deeper into how the medical industry shifted toward using oil-derived pharmaceuticals instead. I am saddened by what I have found out about the Rockefeller family beginning with William Avery Rockefeller who lived in the early 19th century.  My heart aches for the way he raised his children; and the example of forgetting how we are actually all connected that he and one of his children, John D. Rockefeller, took…  We will share some highlights and then you can view the 70 minute video of how Big Oil Conquered the World to fill in the ‘rest of the story’.

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