Inositol Hexophosphate, IP6 – a Natural Antioxidant

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A natural and effective supplement that is able to restore aspects of normality to our cells, IP6 supports immunity by enhancing Natural Killer (NK) cells and chelating reactive iron.  IP6 is naturally found in all human cells and is a compound found in beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains.  How can supplementing with IP6 be even more beneficial that just eating a healthy diet?  Many thanks to Natural News for their great information about this supplement, mentioned research can be viewed in the original article.

IP6 is a compound found in beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, rice and wheat bran, corn, and sesame. Because it is from food and not from a drug laboratory, IP6 has no toxic effects in the body even at high doses. Although the IP6 compound was identified many years ago, it wasn’t until the late 1980’s that its ability to control the rate of abnormal cell division was discovered. A scientist from the University of Maryland, Dr. Abulkalam Shamsuddin, found that IP6 was able to halt well developed cancers. While most cancer research centered on killing cancer cells, Dr. Shamsuddin proved that IP6 could normalize the sugar production of cancerous cells, thereby altering their gene expression toward a more healthful state. This discovery has major implications because cancer cells that are well behaved have far less negative consequences to health.

IP6 works in many ways against cancer – Whether from food or from therapeutic supplemental doses, IP6 works against cancer in several ways. Its ability to act as an intracellular messenger means that it is integral in many cellular activities including:

  • Normalizing the rate of cell growth – When cancer cells lose their control mechanisms, rapid and uncontrolled division of malignant cells is often the result. As IP6 repairs the gene mutations and reestablishes control within the cells, their rate of division is slowed.
  • Enhancing natural killer cells – Natural killer cells are white blood cells that help protect against infected or cancerous cells. Research has shown that the higher the amount of natural killer cell activity, the lower the incidence of some cancers. A healthy human produces 500 to 1000 cancer cells daily that need to be identified and disposed of by the body. Natural killer cells and natural cell programming result in the vast majority of these cells being destroyed and removed. However, when the body is under stress, including the stress produced by lack of sleep, natural killer cell population is compromised.
  • Normalizing cell physiology – Because IP6 is able to restore aspects of normality to the cells, it is able to modulate how a cancer cell expresses itself and how threatening it will be. The more a cell can return to its normal state, the more it loses its malignant characteristics.
  • Increasing tumor suppressor p53 gene activity – DNA contains tumor suppressor genes that inhibit pathways and processes that allow cells to become malignant. The p53 gene acts as a control to prevent genetically damaged or cancerous cells from growing and propagating. IP6 has been shown to greatly increase the amount of p53 gene activity, up to seventeen times.
  • Enhancing apoptosis – Apoptosis is the orderly programmed process by which cells naturally die off. Cancerous cells do not want to die and are resistive to apoptosis. This is one mechanism of tumor formation. IP6 has been shown to restore cancerous cells to normality to the point where they are able to follow through with their programmed death.
  • Affecting angiogenesis – Angiogenesis is the process by which tumors set up their own blood supply, to assure themselves of getting the nutrients necessary to grow. IP6 has been shown to inhibit this process, resulting in the starvation of cancer cells.
  • Powerfully chelating heavy metal –Tumor cells use iron as a primary growth factor. IP6 binds with iron and escorts it from the body. Because IP6 is naturally found in all human cells, it has the ability to get inside tumor cells and remove their iron.
  • Inhibiting metastasis – IP6 inhibits cancer cell migration and invasion by preventing the adhesion of these cells to extra-cellular matrix proteins. This limited adhesion is very important following surgery and biopsy, as these procedures can cause cancer cells to become dislodged. One reason so many breast cancer patients have lymph nodes containing cancer cells is that the squeezing of the breast by the mammography used in diagnosis can dislodge cancer cells which then migrate to the lymph nodes.
  • Inhibiting inflammation – One key indicator used in predicting the survival rate for a cancer patient is the level of systemic inflammation. Inflammation is like a fire going on in the body that will destroy it if not stopped. IP6 helps stop inflammation through chemical messages that halt the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.
  • Inhibiting free radical production – IP6 acts as an antioxidant in the body. Antioxidants are known to protect against disease states and aging in general. IP6 is significantly more potent as an antioxidant than green tea.

IP6 is more than a cancer treatment – In addition to the anti-cancer benefits of IP6, research is revealing its benefits in treating diabetes, depression, osteoporosis, heart disease, and kidney stones. It has recently been shown to help Parkinson’s patients because of its ability to chelate excess iron and thereby reduce oxidative stress that results in neuronal degradation.

Treating cancer with IP6 – For anyone choosing to use IP6 as a cancer cure or a preventative there are some things to know. IP6 is present in all human cells, and considered quite safe to use. However, IP6 obtained from food is bound to protein. Before it can be absorbed by the body, it must be freed from this protein by the enzyme phytase that is present in food and naturally in the intestinal tract. The power of the phytase enzyme is damaging to IP6 and renders much of it inactive and therefore less effective when obtained in this form. Pure IP6 from a supplement is not bound to protein and is easily absorbed intact and able to provide its complete medicinal properties.

Inositol Hexophosphate, IP6 as a natural cell defense may offer you support while you get your health back in sync. Check with your Natural Healthcare Provider and do research for yourself to see what is best for your body, whether this supplement or any aspect of your health.

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