Meditation rather than Detention?

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Teaching kids to wind down, reflect, and breathe in tough situations may be the answer rather than incorporating detention.  Let’s join a Baltimore elementary school that uses the Mindful Moment program for “individual assistance with emotional self-regulation.” Students can enter this room which is equipped with trained staff to help students with anxiety, stress, headaches, and more issues.  Thanks to Expand your Consciousness for this information and video.

For students that are referred there by teachers, the specialists spend 5 minutes in targeted discussion with them and then 15 minutes doing appropriate mindful exercises to help them; this can range from breathing exercises to simple yoga. In this troubled neighborhood, the mindful moments help them to not only decompress but to also overcome the trauma they might have faced that’s causing them to act out. Ali Smith, one of the masterminds behind the program, said, “They see people get murdered, they see violence, they see all types of things and it is all kind of building up inside them never actually had a way to kind of be aware of it and release it, so we are kind of giving them the tools to be aware of it and let it go.”

Since the Mindful Moment room’s inception last year, not a single student has been suspended, proving that the program really works to motivate students to pause before making a bad decision. Rather than stewing in their own anger or stress in detention, the students are gently pushed to deal with the underlying cause of their behavior and instead turn it into something positive.

In addition to the special room for students in need of assistance, the school also plays a Mindful Moment audio file over the loudspeaker every morning and afternoon to start their day off right and send them off calmly. The 15-minute exercise in breathing, meditation, and focus helps the children to recalibrate.

Incorporating a mindful or meditation moment at least twice during our day would be so beneficial to each one of us!

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