Vegetables Snuggling up in Your Flower Pots?

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Which of our favorite veggies can easily be grown in flower pots while adding beauty at the same time?  Let’s mix it up and add some edible but gorgeous variations of shapes and colors to our patio, balcony, or yard while producing healthy vegetables – you can’t beat that for a perfect way to utilize limited space while brightening our day!  Thanks to Balcony Garden Web for these ideas, photos are courtesy of them as well.

Most of the beans are climbers or bushier type and they grow upward. They are productive in pots and are easy to grow. You can grow them on a trellis near a wall and within weeks, you will get a green wall of beans running across the trellis. For growing beans you need a sunny place, and a pot that is minimum 12 inches deep (the bigger the better) and a strong trellis like structure for support. Since beans fix the nitrogen most of the vegetables that require more nitrogen are good to grow underneath them. If you’re growing beans in a very large pot you can grow summer savory, kale, or celery with them.

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Peppers and chillies are super productive and excellent candidates for growing in containers. They look great in pots and need a sunny and warm place to thrive. If you keep the pot in a sunny spot and provide right soil and fertilize the plant time to time it will fruit heavily. A large pot that is at least 12 inches deep is optimum.

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Radishes are one of the quickest growing vegetables and suitable for container vegetable gardening as you can also grow them in small and wide pots. A planter that is just 6 inches deep is enough but if you want to grow larger varieties use 8-10 inches deep pot. Allow 3 inches of space between each plant.

Spinach is one of the best vegetables for containers. It grows well in partial shade and in any kind of space. Growing spinach in containers is easy too you can even grow it indoors on a windowsill. For growing spinach in pots, choose a pot that is least 6-8 inches deep. You don’t need a very deep pot rather use a wide one. Learn how to grow spinach in pots here.

Cucumbers are heavy feeders and require regular watering too. Grow them in a medium to large sized pot (depending on the variety) and in full sun. You can have your homegrown successful crunchy cucumbers within a few months. To learn more about growing cucumbers read this article.

Squashes are easy to grow plants. Summer squashes (Zucchini) are more productive than winter squashes. You can harvest bountiful even in containers. It is one of the most suitable crops for rooftop, balcony or patio gardeners.

Growing kale in containers is a cinch. You can harvest it many times, picking up the young tender leaves again and again or cutting the whole plant at once. The kale is a cool weather crop but it can still tolerate some summer heat. However, this biennial starts to taste somewhat bitter and strong during hotter months. Kale should be planted in full sun in colder regions and in partial sun in warmer regions.

Chard tolerates heat better than kale and it is more suitable for you if you live in a warm climate. However, it is still a cold weather crop and if you’re thinking to grow this in USDA Zone 9 and above or in any other subtropical or tropical part of the world– wait for the end of summer. Both kale and chard can be grown in small sized pots. Each plant requires at least 6 inches of space.

What a perfect way to grow a smaller supply of our own fresh organic vegetables!  As the summer progresses you can move your more sensitive plants to a cooler side of the house; then move them back to the warmest side of your outdoor area in the fall, this will allow your veggie pots to produce even longer. Mmmm, Enjoy!

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